On Patrick Mahomes’ night, John Dorsey wins big

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — When a franchise hasn’t selected a quarterback in the first round in 34 years, it takes a certain kind of gamble to make a big trade to move up for a chance to land a new face of the franchise.

The Chiefs made a big trade in the first round, sending two No. 1 picks and third rounder to Buffalo for the No. 10 pick to draft Texas Tech QB Pat Mahomes.
The Chiefs made a big trade in the first round, sending two No. 1 picks and third rounder to Buffalo for the No. 10 pick to draft Texas Tech QB Pat Mahomes.

But to Chiefs general manager John Dorsey, bringing Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes to Kansas City isn’t a risk at all.

“I don’t believe it’s a reach. I believe this guy’s a very talented player in the future.”

Dorsey said the Chiefs scouting team determined as early as last fall that Mahomes was the best quarterback of the class.

“When you do a move like this, you have to do it with everybody on board with this one,” Dorsey said. “From the very beginning, all the way back from when we evaluated him back in September, October, the reigning consensus was he has got unbelievable talent. He’s got the skill set to be one of those truly great players.”

Dorsey says the move isn’t a gamble, but it it’s still a gunslinger move. Dorsey believes he’s holding the best hand at the table and pushed all his chips in the middle.

“These types of guys don’t came around that often,” Dorsey said. “I’m willing to invest in that type of player because I believe in his skill set and what he is going to develop into.”

It’s apt that Dorsey made the ultimate bet with a player such as Mahomes. Dorsey called him a “football junkie,” praising his competitive edge and intelligence as well as his physical traits.

He also brings reputation for a willingness to throw the ball deep and far as well as fire into any coverage at any time.

“He gets out of situations with his feet and his arm talent that I haven’t see in a long time,” Dorsey said.

That’s an allusion to the ultimate gunslinger, Brett Favre. Both Dorsey and coach Andy Reid made references to Favre when talking about the makeup of Mahomes. But both quickly pumped the brakes to avoid heaping even more weight on the shoulders of the rookie.

“I used to know a guy who use to flip it into coverage too sometimes,” Dorsey said. “He made it into the Hall of Fame one day. I’m not comparing, but I’m just saying those things happen.”

Dorsey knew he wanted Mahomes. But he also knew the 6-3, 230-pound bundle of joy wouldn’t fall into his lap with the 27th pick of the first round.

“I felt to get this player I had to get to 10,” Dorsey said.

Dorsey found his ideal trading partner in Buffalo. The Chiefs shipped off three draft picks including their first round picks this year and in 2018 as well. Dorsey believes the compensation was worth it.

“I know there were three teams that wanted this player very badly,” Dorsey said. “I got a text or two that says, ‘How did you do that?'”

Despite surrendering the No. 27 pick overall and the No. 91 pick in the third round, the Chiefs have eight picks remaining. The team has one selection each in Friday’s second and third rounds. On Saturday the team has a fourth round pick, two selections each in the fifth and sixth rounds and one more in the seventh.

“I think I can do some good with that,” Dorsey said.


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