Chiefs Teammates Tease Tremon Smith for Getting Tackled on Long Kick Return

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Cornerback Tremon Smith took some ribbing from his teammates after getting tackled from behind at the end of a 97-yard kick return last Sunday against New England.

The Chiefs could joke about the play since three plays later Patrick Mahomes found Tyreek Hill in the end zone for a 1-yard touchdown pass. Following the game, Smith asked a group of reporters if they were waiting to talk to him.

“They should be waiting to ask you about your touchdown,” linebacker Terrance Smith jabbed at him.

"He didn’t know the guy was behind him chasing him down, so we gave him a hard time on that," special teams coordinator Dave Toub said. "Next time I think he will sprint in the end zone and not slow down.”

Tyreek Hill on Friday said he chided Smith about getting tackled, making reference to Toub naming Smith as the second-fastest guy on the team behind Hill.

“I definitely said something to Tre,” Hill said. “Tre is definitely not the second-fastest person on this team and he's definitely not faster than me. Tre is a good athlete, but he's not as fast as I thought he was.”

Who is the second-fastest player on the team? Demarcus Robinson, Hill says.

“That's a bold statement, but I feel like he's definitely the fastest,” Hill said. “I train with him in the offseason. He work with me, man. Come on, I'm the Cheetah, man, I do this.

Where does quarterback Patrick Mahomes rank on the team in terms of speed?

“Probably dead last,” Hill cracked. “And that's behind Chad Henne too.”