Chiefs Start Divisional Playoff Prep in Earnest Thursday

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Chiefs head coach Andy Reid doesn't know who his team must face when his club hosts a Divisional Round playoff matchup at Arrowhead Stadium on Jan. 12, but that won't step him from starting preparations for the whomever advances from Wild Card Weekend.

“We know a couple of them,” Reid said of the potential opponents. “We know Houston and New England. The one team that we don't know is Buffalo, as well as the other two. Obviously, New England, if they win, would be the seed that we would play.”

The playoffs kickoff Saturday with the Buffalo Bills at the Houston Texans at 3:35 p.m. central time, followed by the Tennessee Titans at the New England Patriots at 7:15 p.m.

If the the No. 3-seeded Patriots win, they will visit Kansas City on Jan. 12. The the sixth-seeded Titans win, then the Chiefs will host the winner of the Bills-Texans game.

Reid took advantage of the bye week in providing his players a couple of days off to rest and recuperate. The team returns to the practice field for two quick workouts on Thursday and Friday focused on fundamentals.

“We'll actually put the pads on and work fundamentals,” Reid said. “Then, it gives us an opportunity for the ones to work against the ones and get some work there. Short and sweet, but it gives the guys the opportunity to get some good fundamental work in, which you need to kind of re-tool as you get to the end here.”

The players have another day of rest on Saturday, providing coaches and players alike an opportunity to scout their future opponent during the wild card games.

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes said he will watch film of all three potential opponents during the week before settling into watch the games on Saturday. He plans to invite teammates to come over if they want.

“I’m kind of just a football fan like that and see what’s going on,” Mahomes said. “Obviously, you’re going to watch those games that are important to see who you’re going to play and focus on those. Whenever you figure it out then you watch as much film as possible in order to prepare yourself and go out there and give yourself the best opportunity to find a way to win.”

Once the Chiefs know who they will play, game week begins on Sunday before the club moves into it usual routine starting Monday.

“We have the players coming in on Sunday just for a quick blast,” Reid said. “We'll at least have a heads up on who we play and what direction we need to go there."