Coastal Carolina WR Hazel on Olivo: ‘They’re (Chiefs) getting a good one’

INDIANAPOLIS – The NFL Scouting Combine often produces prepared responses from draft prospects to reporters’ questions.

And rightfully so, since a majority of questions surround what a player has done to prepare for the event or how their team interviews went, among a host of other inquiries.

Photo courtesy Coastal Carolina athletics.
Photo courtesy Coastal Carolina athletics.

Still, reactive body language to a question often tells the true story. And such an instance occurred with Coastal Carolina wide receiver Matt Hazel, whose eyes lit up as a warm smile creased from ear to ear.

What caused the reaction was a question surrounding what the Chiefs can expect with former Coastal Carolina assistant coach, new Chiefs assistant special teams coach Brock Olivo.

“Oh man,” Hazel said with a smile. “First of all, they’re getting a player’s coach. Coach Olivo, especially through this entire draft process when I was in school, he talked me through some things.”

Hazel said Olivo helped him last football season by preparing for him for the next level, even informing Hazel what to expect at the Combine.

When asked for some of the things he remembers the most of one of his former coaches, Hazel recalled fondly Olivo’s demeanor and how he carried himself around the players.

“Down to earth, just real humble,” Hazel said. “We see him in the weight room working real hard as well, so he definitely takes care of himself and he definitely looks out for the best interest of his players.”

Meanwhile, Hazel is thankful he learned about special teams from Olivo.

As a draft prospect and rookie, Hazel could be called upon frequently to play both sides of the ball if he lands with a team.

He’s grateful for his teacher and knows the Chiefs special teams is in good hands.

“He definitely told me some positions I definitely could play, so that just gave me a head start on everything,” Hazel said. “They’re (Chiefs) getting a good one.”