Chiefs Rule Out Tyreek Hill vs. Raiders, Describe His Recovery as “Week-to-Week”

Statement on Tyreek Hill from Rick Burkholder, Chiefs head athletic trainer and vice president of sports medicine and performance:

"So the last time I met with you guys I told you we would give you an update on Tyreek Hill. At that time he was in in Baptist Medical Center under Dr. (Brett) Frykberg's care. Before we left Jacksonville, he had the dislocated sternoclavicular joint reduced. He had that reduced without surgery and had it reduced under anesthesia. All went well there. There was no damage to his vital organs or his vessels. He spent the night in Jacksonville at the hospital. My assistant David Glover was with him, they flew back here Monday. He started the rehab process Monday night and is going through that now. He'll be monitored throughout this period where he goes through the phases of rehab like any other injury. We'll do some testing with him to make sure that that joint stays in the proper anatomical position. I know there's speculation out there about how long, but he's truly a week-to-week injury. He will be listed as out this week."