Tyreek Hill Rewards Chiefs’ Punt Return Team with Electric Scooters as Gifts

Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill presented members of the punt return team with electric scooters as a thank you for their work on his 91-yard touchdown return in Week 1.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Tyreek Hill returned a punt 91 yards for a touchdown against the Los Angeles Chargers during Week 1, and recently he presented the other 10 players on the field with him with Bird scooters as a thank you for their contributions on the play.

“That's just me showing my appreciation for the guys,” Hill said. “I think coach (Dave) Toub and the guys do such a great job working hard trying to get me into the end zone each and every week, so I just wanted to show my appreciation.”

The electric scooters seem to be everywhere these days, especially as a rental transportation in urban areas. Hill wanted him and his punt return team on the cutting edge with the scooters.

“People are not really familiar with Bird, so we kind of went the Bird way because it's new,” Hill said. “Everybody had a scooter either when they were a kid or in middle school something like that, so we went with scooters.”

Safety Jordan Lucas found himself as one of those special teamers clearing the path for Hill on the punt. He's already used his scooter to take his dogs for a stroll through the neighborhood and take trash from his house to the dumpster.

“I was actually going to get one in the near future,” Lucas said, “and the fact that he got them for us, I was like, “Oh, wow, this is amazing.' I took my dogs out, I was riding out, we were going on a little ride around the neighborhood, they were running, it was fun. I like it.”

Special teams coordinator Toub, however, didn't get a scooter

“I didn't want him falling off of it, so I didn't want to get him one,” Hill joked.

As for who's faster – the NFL's fastest player or the electric scooter – Hill put his money on the scooter.

“I rode that thing yesterday, I was sliding down the hill, man, so probably the scooter for real,” Hill said.