Travis Kelce Celebrates Christmas with Gift of $595 Versace Robes for Teammates

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Week 16 slate of NFL games marks the Christmas holiday in many locker rooms around the league, and on Friday Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce showered some of his fellow teammates with luxurious gift of bath robes.

“I got the tight end room and the quarterbacks Versace robes,” Kelce said. “I was pretty pumped about that. That's probably the best gift I've given in a long time.”

The 100 percent cotton robes feature the Versace logo print accented by a Barocco printed sleeve and wrap belt. The robes retail for $595 on the Versace website.

Quarterback Chase Litton showcased his all-white robe in the locker room Friday.

“I ain't taking this off ever,” Litton said. “I'm coming to meetings tomorrow in this.”

Tight end Demetrius Harris received an all-gold robe.

“Beautiful, man, great gift,” Harris said. “We might wear them to a game or something. We were just talking about it, we all might wear one since he got everybody one.”

The Versace robed received by tight end Demetrius Harris as a gift from Chiefs teammate Travis Kelce.

Rookie tight end Deon Yelder said the gift blew him away.

“Travis has looked out for me since I've been here,” Yelder said. “It's a blessing, I appreciate. And I ain't never had a Versace anything, so it's a blessing.”

Yelder's robe is all black with a gold wrap.

“They're going to start calling my Uncle Elroy,” Yelder said, in reference to the character from the movie Next Friday.

The best gift Kelce recently received? That's when he recently received the “sneaker of the year” for Christmas.

“My lady got it for me in my size,” Kelce said. “I had it in a size smaller just because I wanted it that bad and sure enough she founded it in my size. I was pretty ecstatic about that.”