Terrell Suggs Brings Reputation as Student of Football to Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — When Terrell Suggs arrived in the NFL, one thing stood out to him among the coaches and players he respected and wanted to emulate.

"I'd like to think that my mentors, I've had the highest of education and one thing I've always noted, they were always writing stuff down, taking notes," Suggs said in the locker room on his first day in Kansas City.

That's the reputation he brings to Kansas City, and it's what impresses head coach Andy Reid about his new defensive end.

"He is a meticulous note taker and studier," Reid said. "He's very passionate about making sure he knows everything, not only about his play but how he goes about his business. He was digging in this morning and getting everything down and making sure he's got all the ins and outs of the defense down."

For Suggs, taking notes is all part of the preparation that goes into playing in the NFL, perhaps even more so at age 37.

"When you can get the game to slow down for you, you can play a lot faster. You always want to give yourself an edge, want to help your team win. That's pretty much going to preparation."

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes said he could tell during last season's matchup against Baltimore how well Suggs prepares himself for each game.

"I remember last year him, you could tell by his film study of him knowing when I'm making checks," Mahomes said. "Then obviously he's talented to still be around and making sacks and doing those type of things, so I think it's going to help us out tremendously."

High football IQ isn't the only trait Suggs takes pride in. He wants Chiefs fans to know he's prepared to make an impression in other ways as well.

"That I'm going to play my heart out for you," Suggs said when asked what he wanted Chiefs fans to know about him. "It's going to be new for all of us, but it's going to be fun and getting to play every day, going to leave it all out there."