QB Nick Foles Making Jaguars Debut Against Former Coach, Chiefs Teammates

"He played for me as a rookie in Philly and I thought did a nice job there for being as young he was in first year," Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said about new Jacksonville quarterback Nick Foles. "Then he was with Chip and he had a nice go there, and then things got a little sticky. He was kind of fed up with football. He decided he wasn't fed up and came back and came here. I think that was good for him, I think it was good to be in the room with Alex. That was a good room I think it was good for him to be there, be around people he was familiar with. He had a couple of good games for us now, he's a good football player. I'm happy for him, I'm happy for him being with a good organization and having another opportunity to play. Ended up going back to Philly and had success there in the playoffs and in the Super Bowl. He can play, and so we've got to prepare ourselves going against a good football player.