Oddsmakers Set Chiefs as Favorites for Super Bowl, Next Year’s Super Bowl Too

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Chiefs still hope they have two more games to play this season, but that hasn't stopped betting oddsmakers from installing Patrick Mahomes and company as the favorites for the 2021 Super Bowl.

The Chiefs rank as 7-1 favorites to win next year's Super Bowl, according to BetOnline. The Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers fall behind them at 8-1 odds, followed by the New England Patriots at 12-1 and the New Orleans Saints 14-1. Among this year's other conference finalists, the Green Bay Packers have the eighth-best odds at 20-1 while the Tennessee Titans are 50-1.

Among Kansas City's rivals in the AFC West, the Chargers sit at 25-1 while the Broncos and Raiders are 50-1. A total of 14 teams have odds of 25-1 or better and the Chiefs have six games scheduled with that group next season: the Ravens, Patriots, Saints, Atlanta Falcons and Chargers (twice).

At this time last year, the Chiefs were also 7-1 favorites to win the 2020 Super Bowl. The Packers were 16-1 while the 49ers were 40-1 and the Titans 50-1.

The Chiefs are 5-4 favorites to win this year's Super Bowl, followed closely by the 49ers (33-20). The Titans and Packers are 25-2. The Chiefs over the 49ers at 2-1 is the most likely Super Bowl outcome according to the oddsmakers.

Mahomes leads the list of favorites as potential Super Bowl MVP winners at 7-4 odds, followed by 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (7-2), Titans running back Derrick Henry (8-1) and Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (9-1).

Other Chiefs candidates on the board for Super Bowl MVP include tight end Travis Kelce (12-1), running back Damien Williams (14-1), wide receiver Tyreek Hill (20-1), wide receiver Sammy Watkins (66-1) and LeSean McCoy (80-1).