NFL expands overseas regular season games

The Jacksonville Jaguars, Atlanta Falcons and Oakland Raiders will each play a 2014 regular-season home game in London at Wembley Stadium, the NFL announced Tuesday.

This marks the first time in league history three regular season games will take place overseas.

And the commitment is in “response to growing fan support of football in the United Kingdom,” according to the NFL statement.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell originally made the announcement at the league meeting currently taking place in Washington D.C.

“Our fans in the UK have continued to demonstrate that they love football and want more,” Goodell said. “Both of this year’s games in London sold out quickly. The fan enthusiasm for our sport continues to grow. By playing two games in the UK this year, we are creating more fans. We hope that with three games in London next year we will attract even more people to our game.”

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