LeSean McCoy Ready for Fresh Start in KC After Frustrating 2018 Season

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The 2018 season turned into a nightmare for LeSean McCoy behind a ragtag offensive line and erratic quarterback play.

“It's funny you say that because nobody ever talks about that,” McCoy said in his first appearance Monday as a member of the Chiefs. “They always talk about all the negative, 'Oh, Shady didn't have a good year,' and this and that.”

The Bills made the playoffs in 2017, in part due to McCoy and a strong offensive line. But that unit began to break down, starting with the trade of left tackle Cordy Glenn in March 2018.

“Just before the season started we had Eric Wood, a Pro Bowl lineman, he went down with a neck injury,” McCoy explained. “Then we a Pro Bowl lineman Rich Incognito, he had a contract situation and he left the team. Then we had Cordy Glenn, our left tackle, he got traded before the season started. That's three Pro Bowlers on the line.

“Then we had guys kind of filling in at the last minute, which give them credit, they did good to the best of their abilities,” McCoy said.

The Bills tried to pull a number of levers at quarterback, going with Nathan Peterman, Derek Anderson and Matt Barkley before finally committing to rookie Josh Allen.

“Then we had a young quarterback, then we had a lot of quarterbacks coming in and out of the games from injuries, different things like tha,” McCoy said. “We had probably had three to four quarterbacks starters. So that was a tough year mentally, physically it was definitely tough.”

But McCoy said he's leaving the troubles of last year in Buffalo behind him.

“I'm looking for a big year,” McCoy said. “I'm looking to help this team out anyway possible and I'm excited, I really am excited to be here. Going through all the choices I had when everything happened on Saturday, I felt this was the best hit for a lot of different reasons and I'm excited to be here.”