December and Arrowhead have been kind to the Chiefs since Andy Reid’s arrival in 2013, with the Chiefs wining nine of their last 10 December home games and holding a 33-11 record at Arrowhead during that time.

The Chiefs tiebreaker against New England remains pretty simple due to the Patriots victory in Week 6. The Chiefs must maintain a one-game edge over New England to remain in front of the Patriots in the playoff seeding.

The tiebreaker between the Chiefs and the Houston Texans, however, get murkier. If the Chiefs and Texan have identical records entering the final week of the season, Houston's game against Jacksonville looms large. If the two clubs tie and Houston beats the Jaguars, the Chiefs and Texans will have an identical record in common games. That forces the tiebreaker to strength of victory, where the Texans currently hold the edge.

To avoid a tiebreaker loss and falling to the No. 3 seed, the Chiefs must maintain a one-game edge over both New England and Houston.

AFC Playoff Picture: Texans turn up heat; Broncos making push