Chiefs players share Thanksgiving thoughts

1402358_307999542675436_456253700_oKANSAS CITY, Mo. – The Thanksgiving weekend traditionally kicks off the holiday season through the end of the year.

It’s the time of year to reflect on months gone by, the successes and failures.

For Chiefs fans, there’s plenty to be grateful for. The team has experienced a historic turnaround from a 2-14 season to a 9-2 record entering Week 13’s matchup against the Denver Broncos.

Chiefs players also have a lot to be thankful for given the success under first-year coach Andy Reid and general manager John Dorsey.

And some of the players shared their thoughts on what Thanksgiving means to them during Thursday’s locker room media session before they took off to spend time with family and friends.

• Defensive end Tyson Jackson:

“I’m thankful for my life, thankful for the opportunity I was given to play football, thankful for my family and friends, thankful for my health and I’m just thankful to be alive at this very moment.

I’m thankful we’re having a successful season. I’m thankful I’m having a productive season as well. I’m also thankful that I have the opportunity to go out every week and compete with some of the best teammates somebody could ever ask for.”

• Wide receiver Dexter McCluster:

“First and foremost, I’m thankful for God, Jesus Christ and my family. My daughters and my girlfriend, they have a big role in my life. I’m thankful to have a job that I love every day. I get to get up every morning knowing I get to play a game for a living. It just keeps me humble.”

• Left tackle Branden Albert:

“To be honest, I’m just thankful for this situation I’m in with this team and this organization. That’s the truth. To be in this situation with great teammates, a good organization, that’s what I’m thankful for.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to play football and thankful for life. Being with my teammates, being with a group of guys that are sticking together working for a common goal. And no matter what, we’re sticking together.”

• Tight end Anthony Fasano:

“Too many things to mention, but my family, this team and every day waking up and coming to work here.”

• Running back Cyrus Gray:

“I am so thankful for having the teammates that I have this year. We have some great guys. We’re family, it’s more than being a team, so just being real deep I’m real thankful for these guys in the locker room and the coaching staff.

I’m thankful for us to be in the position that we’re in. We’re at 9-2 right now. It’s a blessing that you don’t get that often and I’m just glad I’m here.”

• Punter Dustin Colquitt:

“We live in a country, the United States of America, a great country to live where you’re free to worship – Jesus Christ, for me – and we have so many freedoms in other countries that you don’t get to have that we’re very blessed to have. Thanksgiving is a celebration of that. It was 103 people who came here and said, ‘We want to do things a different way.’ I think that’s special. It’s just awesome to part of.”

Colquitt adds professionally, he’s thankful to have a job.

“My dad always says that. It’s definitely a glamorous, entertainment job, but really I’m thankful to have a job in this day and age. And to be able to support my family through professional football and have a positive outlet on whether it be in school, through churches or whatever I can do, I know that’s why God has me to help further his kingdom on this world.”