“Catching Kelce” burning questions: Episode two

With introductions out of the way, episode two of “Catching Kelce” let the games begin for 20 women battling to win the heart of Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce stars in the E! network dating show, "Catching Kelce."
Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce stars in the E! network dating show, “Catching Kelce.” (Photo courtesy E!)

For the uninitiated, “Catching Kelce” is a dating-reality show airing on the E! cable network. The concept centered around one woman from all 50 states competing for the affection of Kelce. Each week, Kelce interacts with the women, slowly eliminating contestants each to determine the winner.

The 50 initial contestants quickly paired down to 15, and after Wednesday’s episode just 12 remain.

Here are five burning questions from the second episode, “Let the Games Begin.”

Why did Kelce keep Anika around?

Kelce has six career fumbles, and bringing back Anika for another week seems akin to putting the ball on the ground. Yes, it’s early in the game, but mistakes at anytime can come back to haunt you later.

“Do I feel like I’m taking a huge risk with Anika?” Kelce asked himself aloud. “Yes. But I couldn’t tell you why, other than I’m interested.”

Anika melted down through the episode, from the blue fishnet robe at the barbecue, the letter conveyed to Kelce through Jenny and the elimination lineup drama. Kelce said he doesn’t like drama, but Anika offers nothing but drama.

Anika sticking around clearly promises more drama, as the previews continue suggesting. Will her battle with Maya spillover into the rest of the group?

Where does Kelce get his wardrobe?

Kelce flashes a good fashion game around the locker room and on social media, but the wardrobe posted a serious workout this week.

The leather jacket over the untucked horizonal-striped shirt buttoned all the way up was a look only Kelce could make work. The baby blue suit appeared to be matched with a muscle-T, another Kelce-only look.

Let’s just assume the Richard Simmons-inspired workout gear came straight from an E! stagehand’s run to The Dollar Store. But white cutoff shorts with the Hawaiian shirt at the barbecue?

Granted, the short sleeve hoodie would fit in well on the Kansas City sideline, minus the gold chain of course. The cardigan over the white t-shirt during the testimonials presented a classic look.

What does Kelce’s competitiveness say about this football game?

The same Kelce Chiefs fans love for running through tackles, leaping over defenders and pushing around blockers showed up both during the game of corn hole and on the basketball court.

Clearly Chiefs fans have to be glad to see Kelce lighting a competitive fire at whatever he does, but didn’t Kansas City hold its collective breath when he dunked on Lauren from Missouri?

What was the “authentic Kansas City barbecue?”

Kelce arrived at the house for an “authentic Kansas City barbecue. But was it?

We saw video of burning charcoal, suggesting food cooked on-site at the mansion. Kansas City barbecue cooked in California? Anything can happen.

Did the show fly in a local pitmaster to fire up the grills? Did they just reheat some Jack Stack or Gate’s shipped straight from Kansas City? Inquiring minds want to know.

Who truly deserved to go home?

The “elimination line-up” consisted of Veronica from Mississippi, Jamie from West Virgina, Lolo from Washington, Jenny from Oregon, Jessica from Nevada and Anika from Minnesota.

Kelce showed disappointment that Jenny delivered the note from Anika, yet did not spend much time with him on the photo shoot. While he said that did not play a role in his choosing to send her home, it certainly did not bode well for her.

Lolo called using an elliptical a deal breaker, and that proved to be true. Her steadfast hatred of stationary cross-training didn’t sit well with Kelce, who rightly worried that his occasional usage of the machines could cause future heartbreak.

Veronica’s fast-talking date seemed to spell her doom, so sending Jessica packing seemed a bit of an upset. Arm-chair reality daters at home likely would send Anika home instead.

Gone: Jenny from Oregon, Lolo from Washington and Jessica from Nevada.

Matt Derrick is the lead beat writer for ChiefsDigest.com and the Topeka Capital-Journal. Use the contact page to reach him or find him on Twitter: @MattDerrick.