Andy Reid Singles Out Two Best Throws from Patrick Mahomes vs Chargers in Week 1

September 9, 2018; Carson, CA, USA; Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes (15) throws against the Los Angeles Chargers during the first half at StubHub Center.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Patrick Mahomes only had to complete 15 passes on his way to 256 yards through the air with four touchdowns, so head coach Andy Reid didn't have to comb his way through too many plays to name a couple that stood out in the Chiefs' 38-28 win over the Chargers.

The first play Reid singled out was his 36-yard toss to Anthony Sherman. The fullback lined up in tight end/H-back formation behind tight end Travis Kelce then ran a wheel route down the left sideline.

Reid thought cornerback Trevor Williams would fall off on Sherman and linebacker Kyle Emanuel would carry Kelce downfield. Emanuel picked up Sherman, however. Mahomes dropped a perfect pass over the outstretched hands of Emanuel to Sherman on the dead run.

“It ended up being how we practiced it during the week,” Reid said. “We were expecting our corner to fall off on Sherman and given him that look too. That was a good play for him.”

The second throw that stood out should surprise no one. On the fifth offensive play of the game, Mahomes served a play action to Kareem Hunt on a sweep let out of the backfield. Hill motioned out to the right and the ran a slant over the middle.

Only one problem. Nose tackle Brandon Mebane got a great jump on center Mitch Morse, who looked like he may have been expecting help on the right side. Mebane got through the line and drilled Mahomes, but not before the gunslinger unloaded for a 58-yard catch and run touchdown to Hill.

“The touchdown to Tyreek on the play action look there, the RPO, that was a pretty nice throw,” Reid said. “He had somebody at his feet there and then he threw it three-quarter arm and throws a strike.”

Reid also mentioned two throws to Sammy Watkins as good marks on Mahomes' resume. One fell incomplete, but the other went over the middle for a 16-yard gain that helped setup the touchdown shovel pass to De'Anthony Thomas.

“The first one got a way from Sam,” Reid said. “The second one was a really good catch by Sam, put us down in there tight at the (4-yard line).”

The other thing about Mahomes that stood out to this coach in the season opener: his composure.

“For his first game out, I thought he was poised,” Reid said. “Sometimes hitting a wide open receiver is the toughest thing.”